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The 2023 GB harvest got off to an uneven start but, by the end of August, picked up well and progress for both winter wheat and barley is comparable to the five-year average, with spring barley just behind. Due to the hotter, sunny weather seen more recently, we expect harvest to be completed soon.

AHDB Harvest Report #4 suggests winter wheat quality is largely acceptable across the Midlands and Northern regions, while only just meeting specification in Southern and Eastern regions, with average specific weights 73-75 kg/hl, protein levels are generally satisfactory.
Specific weights for spring barley are variable, averaging 62-64 kg/hl, however this could change as harvest nears completion.
According to the AHDB report, no mycotoxin issues have been reported for either wheat or barley although, given the wet weather experienced in some regions, its possible this will change. Some ergot has been reported in wheat in the East Midlands.

Yields have been variable with poorer yields seen on lighter soils. A summary of yields are shown below:

Raw materialYield (t/ha)2022 yield (t/ha)
Winter wheat7.8 - 8.28.4 - 8.6
Winter barley6.8 - 7.27.2 - 7.4
Spring wheat5.5 - 5.95.7 - 6.1

Data from AHDB Harvest Survey 2023

With harvest nearing completion, new crop samples are coming in fast and we expect to have results back for a complete harvest in the coming weeks. We will send this out as a newsletter so please keep an eye out.