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  • New EU legislation for pet food industry

A new EU regulation has been published recently concerning the authorisation of a number of feed additives used in certain pet foods.  The regulation involves additives in the functional groups ‘preservatives’ and ‘acidity regulators’.

For example, one of the key changes is the establishment of a maximum permitted level (MPL) for Potassium sorbate (1k202) and Citric acid (1a330) when used as preservatives in animal feeds including pet foods; other preservatives have also had MPLs established in this regulation. Where Potassium sorbate or Citric acid are added to a food, this will require pet food brands to amend product labels to include the functional group ‘Preservatives’ where previously these preservatives were not required to labelled.  

No MPL has been established for Calcium propionate as a preservative for non-food producing animals so is still not required to be declared for most pet species. However, a MPL has been established for Calcium propionate as a preservative for food producing animals (namely pigs and poultry) which will require this preservative to be declared on labels of foods for rabbits and horses when added.

Pet food brands have until 3 April 2023 for food producing animals or 3 April 2024 non-food producing animals to make any necessary label amendments. The UK haven’t declared their position regarding this new regulation.

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