On 13th of February, the changes to the in-feed copper levels for weaner pigs (and other species) start to come into force.  Primarily, the levels of copper within premixes must be reduced and the lower level will only be available after this date although existing premix stock can still be used up and compound feeds can still be manufactured with the higher 170 ppm level until the 13th of August 2019.

The main points of Regulation (EU) 2018/1039 and timescales are below: 

  1. Maximum permitted level (MPLs):  these are given as total, not added trace element levels and so background levels must also be taken into account when formulating so as not to exceed these levels.
Maximum permitted level (MPLs)

2. Timescales: (Article 9 – transitional arrangements):  The following timelines for implementation are dictated in the regulation.  Products manufactured up to these dates can continue to be used until stocks are used up: