Premier Nutrition is launching the ‘1000kg Club’, aimed at farmers who want to challenge what they’re doing on their units, with a particular focus on how to get more milk in the tank efficiently and sustainably.

At a time when farmers are constrained more than ever by milk price, the production of high quality milk is everything explains Dr Andrew Pine, Premier’s ruminant director.  “Whilst physically achieving 1000kg of milk solids (fat and protein) is a very aspirational figure, it is hoped that by having this target in mind, it will focus members’ decisions and challenge them to look closely at what they’re doing and make positive changes if needed”.

The plan for the Club, from 1st March, is to bring together a number of farms who will help to drive and develop ‘best practice’ for sustainable milk production, as well as giving them networking access to industry-leading specialists to learn from a wide, international knowledgebase.  This best practice will then be shared with a wider farm base.

 “There’s only one type of cow that everyone should aspire to – an exceptionally healthy, stress-free cow who is pampered to within an inch of her life in return for a tank full of milk”, Andrew summarised.  “What we would like to explore is exactly how this can be done on a multitude of farm types, with cows that can comfortably give these high levels of production efficiently and profitably.”

As part of the club activities, all member farms will have their dry and fresh cows assessed each month, using the company’s established transition management system, TMS.  This will be followed up with quarterly on-farm ‘catch up’ meetings where Premier will offer targeted advice and recommendations based on the TMS data and tailored to each farm working towards the 1000kg target.

Premier Nutrition prides itself on being a business that is driving aspirational, efficient dairy production with its TMS service and range of technical-based nutrition solutions.