Rugeley based animal nutrition provider, Premier Nutrition, is offering its production operatives the opportunity to enhance their skills and move up the career ladder, in a structured and transparent way, with a performance recognition and reward scheme.

Clare Clarke, Premier Nutrition’s HR manager, explains that empowering and developing talent is at the heart of the company’s culture.

“As regular participants in ‘Great Place to Work’ and the recent opening of a new state of the art facility in 2018 , we want to continue to ensure our staff have opportunities to thrive in their work, hence why we set up the career progression scheme, ” she says.

The scheme includes four different salary grades, built around a series of training modules and tasks. Operatives have the chance to move up a level every six months if they meet the set criteria, or they can continue to work at a level they feel comfortable for as long as they wish.

Individuals joining the company with prior experience may also be able to fast-track through the scheme, if they can demonstrate the required ability in each set area.

Production Operative

“Once staff members have reached the top grade, they will unlock the opportunity to progress into supervisory or team leader roles. There are also opportunities to acquire new skill sets and transfer into different areas of the business, such as quality control or maintenance,” says Clare.

“On top of the graded pay system, staff can work towards bonuses that are based on Premier Nutrition’s overall business targets, but also specific production based targets, such as feed safety, health and safety and personal performance.”

Gary Cowan and Paul Clews, Premier Nutrition production managers, played a vital role in setting up the career progression scheme.

“We want to give the team a sense of pride and for everyone to see a bright future for their careers at Premier. So, we were sure to involve the production team in the development of the programme, to ensure it met the needs of the staff,” says Gary

“If individuals want extra responsibility, there’s a clear pathway for them to achieve it, with opportunities to gain management experience before stepping up into supervisory roles,” says Paul.

Both Gary and Paul have received positive feedback from the staff so far, and Premier Nutrition is assessing whether teams within other areas of the company could also benefit from similar progression schemes.