Premier customer wins Marketing Initiative of the Year

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Premier Nutrition has been supporting Bofs Hogs Woodside Farm, a Nottinghamshire-based pig producer, advising on their farm nutrition and supplying straights and starter feeds for some time. We were thrilled to see Jennifer & Richard Baugh scoop the Marketing Initiative of the Year award at the National Pig Awards ceremony.

Focusing messaging around 'locally produced and outdoor reared', the Baughs introduced their Premium Meat Box initiative in 2020 when Covid halted their hog roast enterprise. Building up a following via social media, they launched the meat box under a ‘great tasting, high welfare’ banner with each box containing a range of cuts making up a quarter of a pig in each. The initiative is currently using 3-4 pigs per month which will undoubtedly grow, but as the boxes are only collected from the farm the growth will come from local satisfied consumers.
Asked about what winning the award meant to him, Richard said he was shocked but extremely humbled by this recognition from the industry. “The hours of work on social media and getting closer to the general public, advertising the great work that the UK pig industry is doing, it's all worth every moment”, he said.
And of the support that Premier provides, he added “Premier Nutrition is an excellent company, they give a very personal feel even though they are a large company.”
Congratulations again from Premier to Bofs Hogs -