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Harvest 2023 final report

Despite some changeable weather, the 2023 harvest was all wrapped up by the around the last week of September. All samples are now analysed and here's our report for wheat and barley for their relative feed value and use in poultry rations.

Harvest 2023 - the grains so far!

With the 2023 harvest coming to a close, we would like to share the sample data we have received so far.

Harvest 2023 update

Harvest '23 is nearing completion, boosted by recent warm weather. Read our full report here.

Platinum sponsorship

Premier Nutrition is proud to once again be Platinum Sponsors supporting the 9th Nordic Pet Food Conference.

ESPN key take home messages

If you missed the ESPN conference this year, or want to remind yourself of the key take home messages, our nutritionists Alex and Eloise have put this handy article together for you.

Heat stress in dairy cattle – so what?

We all know about heat stress but don't always take it as seriously as we should… because in reality, what can we do about it? Here are the implications and some recommendations from Ashley Morris, our commercial ruminant nutritionist.

WSPA conference round-up

Our team have put together this handy summary of the key papers from WSPA '23.

Lactation feed flavour

Feed intake during lactation is crucial for optimal sow and piglet performance. A recent study shows the impact of a lactation flavour in periods of high temperature and humidity.

Flush feeding gilts

Flush feeding is a nutritional strategy to improve the rate and quality of ovulation of sows & gilts. Read the latest science round-up here.