Applying food industry thinking to premix manufacture

State-of-the-art facilities are the backbone of Premier Nutrition’s premix manufacture, delivering safety and accuracy to every product.

Investing £20 million in our facilities allows food industry-standard technology and thinking to permeate operations across the business.

Fradley Park is the latest development in this continuing programme. Product safety is paramount with the factory being our most automated yet. Manual handling is kept to a minimum and seamless traceability, using barcode technology, guarantees product integrity from raw material to finished product.


Raw materials are sampled using near infra-red (NIR) technology to confirm ingredient identity.

During the production process, weighments are checked at every weigh point to ensure the accurate addition of ingredients.

Cross-contamination is a major threat in feed manufacture. Our tumble-mix process minimises this risk more than any other system available by minimising product contact and avoiding the use of elevators and transfer systems.

Ingredients are added by centrifugal sifting, eliminating any foreign bodies and reducing the risk of clogging. The resulting product is emptied automatically by vibration, removing the need for manual operators and further contamination risk.

All tote bags are spout-filled reducing product loss into the air.

Our ‘fold and stitch’ bag closure system maintains product condition throughout storage and transit, and ID barcodes on packaging allow efficient stock management.

Cleaning is an integral part of production in designated wet wash or air washing areas. Separate facilities exist for medicated and non-medicated manufacture.


Ongoing investment is increasing Premier Nutrition’s manufacturing capacity significantly, giving customers better, more reliable lead times and a faster response in an emergency.


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