An all-in-one rehydration drink for immediately post-calving

The newly formulated Restart all-in-one rehydration drink tackles many aspects:

  • One dose provides 21% of the cow’s critical daily calcium requirement in a super-soluble, quick release form
  • It contains sugars for excellent palatability and a rapidly available energy to boost the cow after the stresses of calving
  • The combination package of protected choline and B-vitamins aid liver function and ensure dietary nutrients are used efficiently
  • Powerful live yeast components kickstart the rumen so she eats quicker to support milk production
  • Mixed antioxidants give her a boost and support the immune system
  • The high quality mineral pack quickly returns the cow’s calcium status to normal in preparation for the next phase of milk production

Restart is available in a 15kg tub.  Each drink requires 1kg of powder, stirred into 5 litres of hot (65ºC) water, then topped up to 15-20 litres with cool water.  It should be offered within 10-20 minutes of calving for maximum benefit but can be used up to 2 hours post-calving to aid recovery.  Up to 3 doses can give given to speed up recovery and stimulate appetite response.

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