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Food safety is becoming a regular headline in both trade and consumer press. As commercial companies and allied organisations within the pet food sector, we all have a responsibility to place safe, legal and fit for purpose products onto the market and therefore we'd like to take an opportunity to share our processes and protocols that help to protect the manufacture of premix, a high risk ingredient in your formulation.

  1. We apply 'food industry thinking' across our entire manufacturing process
    This means that we operate to exceptionally high standards of production, bringing rigour and integrity into premix production. We are the first premix manufacturer to actively implement food industry standards of manufacture and we strongly encourage our customers to visit our factories because we are so proud of them.
  2. Product integrity
    We are setting global standards in terms of quality, traceability and security throughout our production process to alleviate risk for our customers. All raw material batches are quarantined upon arrival and subjected to NIR analysis, being individually released for use once their identity is confirmed. We also receive CofAs from suppliers for many ingredients, some on a positive release to us, and have a programme of chemical analysis of raw materials and finished premixes.
    Individual ingredients are tracked throughout the manufacturing process and can only be added following barcode scan verification and precision weighing. We have multiple weight control points throughout the production process and manufacture is paused if a discrepancy is detected at any point. In addition, our factory process is equipped to detect heavy metals as contaminants and pesticides.
  3. Residue-free tumble mixing
    Our factories are highly automated using tumble mixing technology that minimises cross-contamination risk. For added reassurance, our pet premixes are manufactured in a medicine-free factory.
  4. Audited and fully certified
    We are proud to be the first and only UK premix manufacturer to achieve FSSC accreditation - a risk-based global management system which controls food safety hazards, minimise risks and ensures the production of safe food. Our accreditation provides transparency and reassurance to pet food manufacturers that what we produce is safe and as described. We are also fully accredited with UFAS and ISO 14002 (environmental management). In addition, we hold SEDEX membership.

We know that premix is a high risk ingredient in pet food manufacture, and we hope that the practices and protocols we work to demonstrates that we take our responsibility extremely seriously.

The solution to your pet food brand safety is to partner with trusted organisations that uphold your own values and the cherished family companions that we collectively serve. At Premier, we not only have trusted, repeated processes, verified by external, industry-recognised auditors, but we also have an incredibly knowledgeable team of pet nutritionists to guide and advise you in your feed safety journey.