Nutrition engineering at the heart of our work

Remaining at the forefront of pig nutrition is extremely important to us. For decades, we have invested in trialling new concepts and challenging nutrition theories to ensure that we give the best recommendations to our customers.

We currently have two fully replicated commercial grower/finisher farms conducting 6 trials per annum (c. 25,000 individual pig weighments) and we evaluate performance feedback from over 200 weaner and finisher batches every month. This, combined with supplementary university trials, our scientific literature reviews, performance modelling and the feed and raw material analysis we do, gives us the most comprehensive dataset available, so that our customers get a nutrition recommendation proven by science.

Here's a short summary from some recent research:

  • Rapeseed meal
    Palatability depends on glucosinolate content, which varies markedly across the different production facilities, as does digestible amino acid content. The maximum inclusion rate and the value of rapeseed meal therefore depends upon source.
  • Pigs given low energy finishing feeds eat more. However, if the energy is too low they are unable to fully compensate and thus grow more slowly, are leaner and FCR is poorer. The optimum energy level depends on the prevailing economic circumstances.
  • Pigs fed inadequate levels of amino acids for maximum growth rate from 30 – 65kg showed improved feed conversion from 65kg to slaughter. However, these pigs did not fully make up the growth lost in the 30 – 65kg period.
  • In-feed Benzoic acid consistently increases feed intake and growth rate in finishing pigs.
  • We can now model optimum slaughter weight, taking into account the biology of the pigs and complex abattoir contracts.

Research is at the heart of our business; we use our research findings to advise our customers, to accurately formulate their diets and to improve pig performance and profitability.


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