A 'hands on' approach to science that drives value for customers


Working in partnership with you, we are able to provide expertise in two ways:

  • Micro-ingredients

    Through understanding your key performance objectives, we apply our extensive knowledge of micro-ingredients, their handling characteristics and nutritional values to formulate diets that not only meet the nutritional needs of the pig at all stages of life, but also deliver maximum financial return.
  • Finished feed solutions

    Our on-farm expertise in pig nutrition means we can formulate excellent feed programmes, from conception to finished pig, that optimise performance across all stages of production.


We know feed costs account for up to 70% of farm overheads, and small price increases in raw material inputs can have a significant impact on manufacturers and producers alike.

Our monitoring and prediction model enables us to evaluate your formulations regularly to either assist you in raw material forward-purchasing decisions, or to seek alternative ingredients that maintain pig performance but are cost competitive.


By correctly sampling and analysing raw materials and finished feed, we can monitor the nutrient content of both to ensure that feed quality is optimised and consistent. This will not only deliver optimal pig performance, but it ensures compliance with local feed standards legislation. Our quality control service covers:

  • Sample analysis of raw materials and finished feed
  • Dispersion tests of finished feed
  • Cross contamination and medicinal recovery testing


Our raw material knowledge goes a long way in helping to maintain health and maximise productivity. Atlas is Premier Nutrition’s exclusive ingredients matrix publication. It summarises the feeding values of raw materials and feed additives so that formulations can truly be 'best cost' whilst achieving consistency in animal performance.

Available free of charge to our manufacturing customers, and used by our nutritionists in all of their feed formulation work, Atlas is available as both a book and online. It is compiled from our extensive analytical database and is updated using the latest raw material quality control data. The interactive version offers additional built-in functionality:

  • A raw material QC module that quickly calculates changes in amino acid and fatty acid composition with changes in protein and oil analysis
  • An evaluation tool to compare against existing feeds contained on the Premier Atlas database


Good herd management is an integral part of ensuring rapid and efficient growth of growing pigs from birth through to finishing, as well as safeguarding the health, productivity and longevity of the breeding gilts and sows on-farm.

With extensive experience across a multitude of different productions system, we work closely with our pig producer customers on farms to help them develop the best herd management strategies and operating procedures, which return consistently high-level performance and the best possible financial returns.


Talk to us about your requirements and how our independently recommended premix solutions can add value to your pig nutrition.

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